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Islam today is practiced by over 1.8 billion adherents, encompassing numerous nationalities, cultures, and experiences. Barnard/Columbia’s Muslim community is no different—our students, faculty, and staff come from all sorts of different backgrounds. The purpose of Muslim Life @Columbia is to create, within this very diverse body, a united community that meets the spiritual, social, and intellectual needs of all Muslims on Columbia’s campuses, a community in which all Barnard/Columbia Muslims feel they can participate and belong.


In terms of kinds of events and topics involved, our core programming is highly varied, so all community members can find something enriching. From weekly Jummah prayers and halaqas, to health and wellness seminars, to talks given by Muslim academics, we hope to provide an immersive and enlightening Columbia experience for all. Our events are inclusive to anyone, Muslim or not, wishing to practice, understand, or simply appreciate Islam.


With a strong emphasis on social responsibility, we also organize several volunteer projects, giving everyone an opportunity to work for the betterment of the world outside of Columbia, in accordance with the Islamic duty to stand up for truth, peace, and equality.

Muslim Life coordinator:

Amina Darwish


Amina Darwish is Columbia's first full-time Muslim Life Coordinator. She received her ijaza certification from the Qalam seminary. She is currently continuing her higher level Islamic studies education with Critical Loyalty Seminary and the Suhaib Webb Institute for Sacred Sciences. She served as an adjunct professor at Northern Kentucky University. She earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Kuwait University, a MS in Industrial Engineering and PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. She served as the Muslim chaplain at the University of Cincinnati, and as the content development coordinator at the Muslim Youth of North America. She is the founder and CEO of Mercy in Action. 

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